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6                 Deewar                                             Communication Skills


10               Deewar                                              Communication Skills  


14               Deewar                                              Non Verbal Communications


18               Deewar                                              Non Verbal Communications


21               Krantiveer                                           Non Verbal Communications


24               Sholay                                                Communication Skills


28               Betab                                                  Inefficient Communication


32               Guide                                                  Barriers to Communication


36               Trishul                                                Getting through to the

                                                                             Prospective Client at the

                                                                             Sales Call etc.



41                Judai                                                 Probing       


45                Sholay                                               Closing the Sales Call etc.


49                Lagaan                                               Killer Instinct, Taking

                                                                            Challenge etc.


55                Lagaan                                              Motivation, Team Building


61                Lagaan                                             Success Triangle –

                                                                           Attitude, Skills, Knowledge


71               Lagaan                                              Be Brave & Bold while

                                                                           Selling advertisements        




1.                  Film Deewar




Communication Skills
Amitabh Bachchan communicating with the gangster in the hotel lift


Scene in the hotel lift


The way Vijay gets up from the seat, walks with the demeanor of a very confident man and enters the lift full of gangsters, shows his courage and self belief. He knows where he was going and was ready for it. That also shows his preparedness. He had already envisaged what may happen with him inside the lift and he was ready for it with a repartee. The words and phrases which he spoke inside the lift shows that he had prepared his communication and planned what exactly he is going to say and when. Even in front of the gun he doesn’t lose his bearings but very confidently manages the situation by saying there is no need of the pistol I have something to talk to Mr. Davar. This also shows his fearless nature as a communicator.



  • When you are in a situation of communication with your prospective advertisers you must plan what you are going to communicate with them
  • Your preparation will make you more confident and what ever you will say to the prospective advertisers will reflect your conviction in you and your newspaper and its ad options.
  • When you plan your communication with the prospective advertisers you will know exactly what to say and when in the manner Amitabh does.
  • If your planned with your communication you will be fearless in your talk and would quickly gain your prospective advertisers’ confidence as a man who knows what he is talking about. This way there will be very few objections or may be no objection at all. 
  • The way the gangster Madan Puri aka Davar is forced to listen to what Amitabh had to say was possible only because Amitabh communicates his intention very strongly and powerfully. You have to communicate and sell with the same powerful manner for achieving bigger success.
  • The way he entered the lift stopping the lift doors with his legs immediately got the attention of the gangsters. And this is what you as a sales person are supposed to be doing when you enter the premise of the prospective advertisers to gain there immediate attention so as to get rid of everything from their mind and immediately give you their full attention.  This would enhance your chances of making the prospective advertisers listen to your sales spiel with full concentration and focus.
  • The above would ensure that their listening improves because everything starts from listening. If the prospective advertisers don’t’ listen to you, they will not buy from you and your sales efforts would not get you the desired results.