Role Plays - sample







To strengthen the selling abilities of the advertising sales personnel















Drill 1


You sell airtime on a national television channel. You are attending to a prospective advertiser at his office. Suddenly you have your prospect’s friend (he could be a prospective advertiser as well) who comes to visit your prospect. He also starts taking keen interest in your sales talk.


Handle the situation.


Drill 2


You sell ad. space in newspapers. You have gone to meet Mr. and Mrs. Vijendra Kumar at their showroom who have never advertised with you before. You have already met them earlier and had left a couple of art works as specimens for innovativeness for them to study.  They have just started a showroom selling unisex garments. They look a little indifferently at you and ask what they can do for you. Develop a script and enact the sales scene.



ð  Introduce yourself using link opening


ð  Ask them have they gone through the artworks you left for them. If yes how they did like it if not why not?


ð  Understand them and their need as a startup company


ð  Present your newspaper as a advert media option and talk about how your newspaper is the best for them to reach out to their target audience (Give presentation)


ð  Handle objections and close the sale